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Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO)

Every member of the C-Suite team has a full-time job, even before the demands a restructuring brings.  The CRO's full-time job is to manage the myriad aspects of the restructuring.

Independent Director

Boards of restructuring companies should have at least one director who is independent from all stakeholders in the company, and who has experience making the difficult decisions arising during these complex transactions.

Liquidation / Litigation Trustee

The stakeholders who negotiate for recoveries from illiquid assets or litigation claims already have day jobs. So, they look to turn over the task of realizing value on these longer term assets to a restructuring professional they can trust will do the job efficiently, economically, and with good judgment.  

Plan / Scheme Administrator

Restructuring plans and schemes of arrangement set out the framework for resolving a company's capital structure through heavily negotiated transactions and settlements. A closer is often needed to oversee the process of bringing the restructuring across the finish line.

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