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Counsel to Board of Directors or Court-Appointed Fiduciary:

  • Chapter 11 trustee prosecuting claims for breach of fiduciary duties and related causes of action totaling more than $100 million.

  • Regional nonprofit home and on-site senior healthcare provider with $75 million.

  • Regional vending machine franchise distributor, and provider of related services, with $80 million debt

  • Online retailer with $100 million debt.

  • Examiner of Polaroid Corporation, Chapter 11 debtor, in connection with investigation into claims of accounting and other financial issues.

Lead Restructuring Counsel to:

  • Distressed regional telecommunications company in shutdown of business unit and negotiations with creditors.

  • Book and video publisher / distributor restructuring $250 million debt.

  • Textile and automotive parts supplier reorganizing with $200 million debt.

  • Foreclosure services company in negotiations over loan defaults, primary contracts and shareholder disputes.

  • Multinational oil and gas support services company restructuring $275 million secured debt.

  • Multinational shipping container owner and syndicator in $200 million debt and capital restructuring.

  • Multi-industry consumer and homebuilding products holding company in $1 billion secured debt refinancing.

  • Chapter 11 Trustee of a not-for-profit health-care system with $1.2 billion debt.

  • Mexican telecommunications company restructuring $200 million debt.

  • Regional discount retailer in $300 million restructuring and subsequent refinancing and sale.

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